Since we started using Rezdy, our business has grown by about 60%… It’s been a huge increase.

Caribe Shuttle

Drive your shuttle business like clockwork Operate, market & distribute your activities

Bookings from anywhere, at anytime

Get online and agent bookings round the clock (24/7). Work at full capacity and grow your shuttle business to new heights.

Never leave a customer waiting

SMS and email your booking confirmations and follow-ups, so that your customers are never left wondering. Create more opportunity with vouchers, promo codes and gift cards.

Fill your shuttles and never double book

Rest assured. Your availability updates in real-time across all channels. Internal, online and agent bookings.

Sell to the world’s largest agent network

Distribute to a global audience with ease. Large and small agents love Rezdy, with an insatiable desire to seek and sell new products. Simply join to get started.

I looked at everything out there, and I don’t think Rezdy has competition…


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