Commission based booking systems are costing your business

Booking Systems that charge a commission for each booking come at a price (it's not free!). If your customers are prepared to pay more with a commission based booking fee then why hand it to someone else?

At Rezdy we want to empower our customers to network, trade and thrive, and not to punish our customers when they do.

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Imagine what you could do for your business

  • Delight your customers by providing more discounts.
  • Room to adjust your price during high and low seasons.
  • Offer higher attractive rates to your distribution channels.
  • Buy a new boat, buy a new plane...RETIRE!

Annual Online Bookings

How many online bookings do you get each year?


Average Order Value

What is the average order value of each booking received?


Commission Charged

What commission or 'convenience fee' are you being charged for each order by your current booking system?


What a commission based booking system would cost your business



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