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Stay on top of your business

Better understand your business and customers at a glance. Our ready-made dashboards give you a quick overview of your business so you stay informed at all times.

Develop your sales network

Easily see how your customers are booking, who your best resellers are and how they’re paying.


See what sells

Take a deep dive into your product. See what sells, how far in advance they sell and how likely they are to sell out.

Dive into the details

Whether for book-keeping or spotting deeper trends, download your data as CSV’s anytime, anywhere.


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Can Rezdy help your business?

The answer is yes if you...

  • Want a reservation management tool not a lead generation service
  • Offer tour, activity or attraction-based experiences (not accommodation)
  • Use one of our wide list of payment gateway partners
  • Have a reliable internet connection (our software is cloud-based)
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