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You can link resources (like vehicles, equipment, and instructors) to sessions, in order for your session availability to be automatically updated based on your resources availability.

Rezdy’s resource dependent calendar allows you to maximise the use of your resources while avoiding overbooking. It becomes powerful when you have more than 1 resource required for a session, or when resources are shared between concurrent sessions and products. Managing your resources has never been easier.

Resource management

Without an efficient way to manage resources, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of overbooking your tours. You may have booked out the same boat for two separate tours that go at the same time, leaving you with the administrative hassle of adjusting it all.

An example

You have 30 bikes and provide multiple tours at the same time. One day  tour A receives 4 bookings,  tour B receives 16 bookings, and tour C receives 10 bookings (totals 30). The following day tour A receives 5 bookings , tour B receives 10 bookings and tour C receives 15 bookings (totals 30). You sold all your available spots while not having to do any work, as Rezdy automatically updated availability, and pushed the information to your manifest.



Rezdy does the math

Rezdy will automatically adjust the availability for all your tour options that need a particular resource. It does this as people book, so you’ll never be overbooked and you don’t have to adjust availability manually. That way, your customer’s orders will be automatically confirmed, and because Rezdy is managing your availability, your products can never be overbooked.

Avoid overbooking

Rezdy’s Resource Dependant Calendar can solve the problem of overbooking so that you don’t have to worry about efficient resource management. To you, a resource is something with limited availability, and is required to run your tour or activity. It can be a vehicle that’s needed (eg. a boat) or a person (eg. an instructor).

Private resources

Rezdy allows you to book out a resource for private products. One example for where this works well is if you offer private helicopter tours in addition to shared public tours.

Minimum notice

With Rezdy, you can also make sure that people booking online give you enough notice before the tour. Prevent online bookings from being made for a certain time period before the tour departs. That way you have adequate time to prepare for the amount of customers you have.

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