Pick up locations

Seamless Customer Pick Ups Every Time

Tell your customers where you’ll pick them up and at what time, never forget a customer.

Set up Locations in a List

Set fixed locations. e.g. Seaview Hotel (1 hour before the tour), 1455 Tropicana (30 minutes before the tour), and 80 Buckingham Street (10 minutes before the tour).


Additional instructions

Tell your customers exactly where to meet eg. Next to the front desk, at the bust stop or in the hotel lobby.  You can create different pick up lists for different products.  Simply link the right list to the right product.



Integrate pick up locations on your Booking Form

Your customers or agents can select the pickup location while making the booking. They can select their desired location by using a simple drop-down menu in your booking form.

You can also allow your customers to select their own pick up locations.

Charge extra per pick up location

You can also add paid pick up locations.  Your customers can choose their location right after selecting extras.



Send Reminders by SMS or Email

Shorten the time you have to wait for customers when picking them up at their hotels, automatically send a SMS to remind your customers of the upcoming tour and when they are being picked up.


“Hey Dave, don’t forget you booked your Whale Watching Tour with us at 10:30 AM. We’ll pick you up at 9:30 AM at Seaview Hotel.  Make sure you are ready and are at the information board next to the reception. Harry (your driver) will be there to pick you up.”

Check customers in

There is no better way to get a bad review than forgetting your customers at their hotel.

Easily avoid this, by using the Mobile Manifest, your driver can see how many people she is supposed to pick up. Your driver can easily check them in with 1 click, and go to the next location.

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