How Rezdy Benefits Surfing Providers

Apply your cancellation policy. Protect your cash flow from last-minute cancellations by applying your cancellation fee. No refunds needed.

Access your booking system from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Forget being tied to a desk. Take your smartphone or tablet with you and keep an eye on your business while you’re on the beach or in your car.

Manage your resources the smart way. Make sure you have enough instructors and surfing equipment before an online booking can be made.

Get a free demonstration of Rezdy’s software to see how it works.


Our top picks for Surfing providers

Surfing Case Studies

Newcastle Surf School

Surf’s Up With Rezdy’s Online Booking Software You can usually find Dan at the beach, sharing his love of riding the waves with scores of keen students. But a couple months ago, he found himself caught in a rip current of frustration. Managing his bookings’ timetable was driving him nuts. Newcastle Surf School offer lessons for… Learn More

Rezdy for Surfing Demo