How Rezdy Benefits City Bus Tours Providers

Process bookings automatically. Don’t waste your manpower on answering phones to accept last-minute bookings.

Manage your resources the smart way. Make sure you have enough vehicles and guides before an online booking can be made.

Access your booking system from anywhere, at any time, from any device. Forget being tied to a desk. Take your smartphone or tablet with you and keep an eye on your business while you’re on the road.

Get a free demonstration of Rezdy’s software to see how it works.


Our top picks for City Bus Tours providers

City Bus Tours Case Studies

Ultimately Sydney

The Ultimate Booking Experience Ultimately Sydney is one of the most trusted bus tour operators in Sydney. It’s a well recognised award-winning brand (voted 2014 Tour Company Of The Year by the Concierge Industry Awards) that stands out on the market with its diverse range of products, luxury vehicles and highly experienced tour guides. It’s locally owned… Learn More

Rezdy for City Bus Tours Demo