Write Your Way to Success: Why Blogging is The Most Powerful Weapon For Your Business

14 Sep 2017     |    Blake Ng

When you considered your career path as a tour and activity operator, you probably never thought that you would have to be a writer as well. You know how to market the exciting options that you offer at your business and you are an expert in travel, tourism and your local destination. Now, it’s time to expand your specializations and transform into a blogger as well.

Here’s why you need a blog for your tour and activity business:

#1 It improves your online presence.

Providing fresh, valuable content is the key to increasing your ranking on the search engine results page, which is why a blog is an essential component in your SEO strategy. With a blog, you can maintain your coveted spot on Google and other powerful search engines, which means that the most motivated travelers will be able to easily locate your brand through an online search. You need to be seen online in order to remain relevant in your destination.

#2 It encourages engagement and interaction with your business.

Through blogging, you can provide your customers with a portal for leaving feedback or even sharing their own stories. In addition to enabling comments on your blog posts, you also should share your most recent posts on social media. This allows you to promote your blog to a larger base of travelers, and also gives you additional opportunities for engagement.

#3 It boosts your online reputation.

You’ve been telling your guests that you are an expert in the tour and activity industry as well as in your destination, but your blog gives you an opportunity to prove it. Publish a variety of types of post, such as how-to articles or commentaries on industry news. This allows you to establish yourself as a valuable source of information, and improves your reputation as a tour and activity industry insider. Beyond that, you can publish customer stories, experiences and testimonials that offer social proof of the experience that you provide.

#4 It allows you to tell your story in your way.

In previous years, tour and activity operators had to rely on local media and paid advertising campaigns in order to share their message and promote their brand. Now, with a blog, you have a simple and affordable way to share your story in the way that you want to tell it. Consider personal stories that might spark interest amongst your target audience, such as the history of your company or the background of some of the tour operators that work with you. Vivid and informational story telling is a wonderful way to connect with interested travelers.

In addition to sharing powerful stories on your blog, you also will want to incorporate other valuable content. Videos and high-resolution photographs are necessary to showcasing your brand and encouraging travelers to book directly with you online. To learn more about blogging and how it can be incorporated into your online marketing strategy, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook today.



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