Tips to Shorten the Time to Set Up a Distribution Channel

15 Aug 2016     |    Blake Ng

When you develop an expert distribution strategy and you implement it, you can almost sit back and just watch the bookings come in. However, setting up the distribution channel can take a significant amount of your time, energy and resources. It is time-consuming to discover a channel, establish a relationship with the agent, and ultimately negotiate a conversion rate that is beneficial for both parties.

Luckily, we can help you simplify the process. Follow these tips to establish a distribution channel in the shortest amount of time.

Invest in Software With a Channel Manager

To effectively distribute your tours and activities to interested agents, a booking system with a channel manager is a necessity. Through the channel manager, you can connect with many different types of agents who appeal to a broad range of travelers across the globe. Instantly, you grow your network of agents, and your bookings will increase. In addition, you are able to offer real-time availability to all of your agents simultaneously across all platforms. By broadcasting your live availability and making it easy for agents to book your tours, they will be more apt to promote your tours to their customers versus the products offered by the competition. A premier booking system not only improves the efficiency of your administrative operations, but it also helps you grow your business by connecting with viable distribution channels.

Connect With Agents on a Personal Level

channel manager is an ideal way to discover new distribution channels, but personal relationships with agents will ensure that you develop a long-lasting partnership. Here are a few way to connect with agents on a personal level:

  • Connect on social media — Follow their pages and invite them to like yours. Comment, like and share their videos, and they will do the same for you.
  • Contact through marketplaces — Reach out to agents on online marketplaces and provide them with additional information about the products you offer and the commission rates you have established for agents.
  • Introduce yourself at trade fairs — When you visit industry events, conferences and trade shows, be sure to introduce yourself to as many agents as possible. It may be traditional, but a handshake and a business card go a long way in establishing a professional relationship with an agent.
  • Make a phone call — Sometimes simply picking up the phone and checking in on an agent is a great way to stay at the forefront of their mind and to promote your products. Let them know when you have new tours available or a new promotion that you are offering.

To find out more information about improving and implementing your distribution strategy, download the distribution e-book today.

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