The importance of web security

10 Feb 2020     |    Blake Ng

The importance of web security

Your tour and activity company may take travelers away from the mundane realities of their everyday lives and allow them to enjoy your destination in a unique and exciting way, but a large portion of your business still lives in the digital world. As you create and implement digital marketing strategies for your tour company, you’ll need to recognize the importance of web security.

Web security goes beyond accepting payments on a secure platform. There are many important web security facts to consider. Learn more about the importance of web security.

Common cyber attacks to be aware of

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  • Content Management Systems Security Hacks — As you create a web presence for your tour and activity website, you’ll likely work in partnership with a content management system to publish your web content. Sites such as WordPress are constantly under attack by hackers who want to capitalize on less-than-savvy businesses who have created a quick, easy website. To protect yourself, always make sure to install updates when they are available.
  • Non-Human Traffic Fraud — While there’s a constant stream of human activity on the web, there are even more bots trolling the search engine results page. These bots can be used for click fraud, which can significantly drive up the cost of your PPC advertising campaign.
  • Social Media Data Breaches — Social media hackers are constantly finding new and innovative ways to hack into social pages, wreak havoc on brand identity, and swoop up consumer data along the way. The best way to prevent this is to change your passwords for all your profiles often and maintain different passwords for different social pages.
  • Payment Portal Security Breaches — Hackers who are looking to get their hands on the private financial information of your consumers are going to target your payment portals. Always work with a respected and reputable payment processing system.

Reasons why web security should be a top priority

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Obviously, web security is important because it protects your business assets and your consumer data. But besides the inconvenience of being hacked and the frustration of cleaning up the mess, there are many important reasons why it should be a top priority at your tour and activity company. For starters, web security helps to protect your brand identity. You have poured months and years into your brand development, and a quick social hack that results in inappropriate images or inflammatory messages on your page can reduce all of your work to rubble.

Beyond protecting your brand identity, implementing a web security plan will increase trust in your business and ultimately increase your conversions. As prospective travelers visit your website, they will immediately recognize that you are committed to cybersecurity and that they can be confident in your business.

By implementing web security measures, you will be building up consumer trust in your brand, which will ultimately lead to an increase in loyalty, an increase in brand recognition, and an increase in revenue.

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