The Best Practices to Increase Your Ranking on Search Engines [Checklist]

26 Jul 2018     |    Blake Ng

Studies have proven time and time again that travelers who are searching for information related to their trip are not going to scroll past the first two or three listings on the search engine results page. In most cases, they click the first link or two that they find, and never go back to the results page.

This means that in order for your tour and activity company to reach your target market segment, you need to land one of those coveted spots.

What are Search Engine Rankings?

Search engine rankings are determined by the search engine algorithms. Ultimately, these complex algorithms consider a variety of factors when determining which websites will make it to the top of the search engine results page, or SERP. In general, the algorithms place a high priority on valuable content, powerful visuals, and mobile responsiveness.

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Best Practices for Increasing Your Ranking on the SERP

  • Perform SERP research on a regular basis. Basic SERP research is simple — all you have to do is place relevant keywords to your tour and activity company into the search engine, and look at what websites come up first on the results page. What do those websites have that you lack? How can you improve your website to boost your rankings?
  • Incorporate powerful and relevant keywords into your content. Begin by uncovering which keywords are being searched most by your target market segment (i.e. Napa valley wine tours vs. wine tours in Napa) and highlight several keywords that you want to focus on in your content. Use the keywords in a natural way so that the search engine doesn’t think you are just stuffing keywords to get rankings.
  • Routinely publish fresh content. Rewriting content for your landing pages and publishing new blog posts multiple times per week will help you maintain your rankings on the search engine results page.
  • Create accessible URLs for your website landing pages. Make sure that your domain name is short and easy to remember, and create sub-pages based on powerful keywords. Not only will this help the search engine bots crawl your page, but it will make it much easier for users to find your website and navigate through it.
  • Develop authority through a link-building campaign. Ultimately, the most powerful search engines are going to promote sites that are considered an authority on the related search. To develop authority, you need to get other industry websites to link to yours. Through a link-building campaign, you can generate both outbound and inbound links that will increase your authority.
  • Don’t forget about your meta data. Meta title, meta descriptions and meta keywords all play an important role in the search engine recognizing your site. Your meta data should include the most relevant keywords to your brand.

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