Our top ten influencers in travel

20 Feb 2019     |    Ricki Hudson

Our top ten influencers in travel

Travel influencers have a dream job. These powerful social media moguls get to jet-set across the world to breathtaking destinations and then post about their journeys and experiences on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. They have earned thousands upon thousands of followers, which has gathered the attention of travel brands and advertising agents, ultimately allowing them to make money to do what they love. As a tour and activity company, you will want to know who the top influencers are in 2019. These influencers could become a powerful partner in promoting your products.

Top ten influencers in travel

#1. The Bucket List Family — This family of five took a leap of faith by selling all of their material belongings, and heading off on an adventure around the world. They have been able to build a business through their travel documentation and now have created a traveling lifestyle for their family. Follow them on Instagram, or visit their website.


#2. Murad Osmann — This travel influencer relies heavily on imagery to showcase the destinations he visits. In addition, he has a signature image style. His posts always consist of an image of his wife, guiding his hand toward their next destination together. If you’re looking for inspiring videos – be sure to check out the IGTV or YouTube Channel.

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𝔽𝕆𝕃𝕃𝕆𝕎𝕄𝔼𝕋𝕆 𝕆ℝ𝕀𝔾𝕀ℕ𝔸𝕃𝕊 #Followmeto Istanbul Suleymaniye Mosque. That trip was my our one to Istanbul and We were absolutely blow away on so many levels. First time you come you might get a bit lost because of the size of the city and places you can visit – but you have to comeback several times to feel its energy and understand it. Photo was taken around 6 years ago and was my first time seeing a mosque of that size. @natalyosmann #следузамной в Стамбул в мечеть Сулеймана Великолепного. У мечети четыре минарета, которые означают, что султан Сулейман Великолепный — четвёртый падишах по счёту после завоевания Стамбула. Та поездка была нашей первой в Стамбул и этот город навсегда остался в наших сердцах.

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#3. Jessica Stein — Jessica Stein is a travel blogger as well as a style blogger, who now dabbles in the world of mommy blogging as well. She uses her fashion sense to showcase the destinations that she visits around the world. Follow her blog here.


#4. Pip and the City — Pip is a solo female traveler who personifies the rising trend of independent travel. Her posts largely focus on the food she enjoys while traveling. Follow her Facebook Page, or read her blog.


#5. FunforLouis — Louis is an adventure influencer who loves to seek out thrilling experiences and share them with his followers. His action-packed posts are perfect for those who are interested in adventure travel. Follow FunForLouis on  YouTube, or Twitter.


#6. How Far from Home — This Influencer account is run by a couple who ditched their corporate life in favor of a life of traveling abroad. They focus on beautiful imagery in all of their posts, creating a work of art on social media. Read the blog, or follow on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.


#7. Rocky Travel — This is another solo female travel influencer who takes a different approach to sharing. Instead of posting vivid images and beautiful scenery, she focuses on practical, simple travel tips. Check out her blog, or Pinterest.


#8. Tara Whiteman — Tara Whiteman is a travel influencer who posts some of the most colorful and intricate travel images on Instagram.

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Dim sum-body tell you you’re siu mai type? 🥟

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#9. Migrationology — This travel influencer combines a love of authentic food with the ability to take creative images of the dishes he enjoys. He is a foodie influencer who inspires culinary travel among his followers. There’s loads of channels to choose from when looking for inspiration, including his blog, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.


#10. Jack Morris — Jack has nearly three million followers and captivates their imaginations by posting unique images of natural sights and cultural attractions. Check out his Instagram for inspiring content.

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Took a quick pit stop in Bangkok for 2 nights before heading north to Chiang Rai. You’ve probably seen the news about Bangkok being so smoggy that they had to shut schools – I could definitely feel the smog more than usual but to be honest it didn’t feel too crazy. Here’s a shot of me inhaling the smog from the 56th floor of the Lebua hotel 😷 swipe across for the vid! I’d just like to point out that me doing stuff like this isn’t encouraging others to do the same. I know my own capabilities – if you see someone doing backflips off a huge cliff it doesn’t mean you should do it too. Unless of course you know you’re capable then it’s your choice🤘🏼if you’re using this crazy thing called the internet then I’d hope you’re responsible enough to know not to copy every single thing you see online.

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You can start to attract the attention of influencers by following their blogs, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. Consider reaching out to invite them to try one of your experiences, or ask them if they plan on visiting your destination anytime soon. Considering the sheer size of their following bases, it would be a worthwhile effort to form a partnership with one of the top influencers in travel.

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