3 reasons travel operators should leverage the internet

10 Dec 2018     |    Ricki Hudson

3 reasons travel operators should leverage the internet

The internet is no longer a new and developing technology. Rather, it’s an integral part of the infrastructure of our everyday lives. From our professional responsibilities to our personal goals, the internet is necessary for completing our daily tasks. Today’s tourists rely heavily on the internet to complete their travel arrangements, which is why it’s necessary for you to continue to optimise your brand experience and maximise your visibility online. Here’s our 3 reasons travel operators should leverage the internet:

#1. Your brand recognition will increase across a variety of market segments

The fact of the matter is, the internet is an endless expanse of information — so you need to strategically create content that will increase your visibility to the people who matter the most. By implementing a content marketing strategy, an SEO strategy and a social media strategy, you will be able to improve your visibility online. In particular, you will be able to attract the types of travelers who are most likely to book your tours. Leveraging the internet is critical in creating a brand identity in an increasingly competitive travel market. You need to do more than just create a website and hope that people find you. You need to actively place your brand in a situation where it can be discovered easily.

#2. You can better convey and communicate your brand messages

The internet is not a one-way channel. It’s an interactive platform that allows your target audience to discover you and also allows you to reach out to travelers who may be interested in your tours and activities. With the right online marketing strategy in place, you can provide travelers from around the world with the information they need regardless of their time zone, language or even currency. Today’s trends are leaning toward automation. Chat bots, personalized forms and automatic e-mails as well as text messages can help you communicate with travelers even when you are not physically in the office.

#3. You will increase your revenue and streamline the payment process

Designing and implementing an online marketing strategy that allows you to leverage the internet will have a direct impact on the amount of revenue that you generate at your tour and activity company. Generally, most tour and activity operators find that their revenue increases significantly. This is due to the fact that their brand is more visible to the types of travelers who are most likely to book their products, and also because an effective online presence makes it more convenient for consumers to finalize their reservations online. Short forms, secure payment portals and a clear booking button are necessary to increase your revenue through direct online bookings.

Your online presence is not something that can be achieved and then set to the side, like many other goals. Rather, it’s a constant work-in-progress. You will need to stay on top of the latest trends in traveler preferences and web development in order to maintain a level of visibility that will allow you to be successful.

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