Product Updates in October 2014 [Feature Round-Up]

10 Nov 2014     |    Taz Bareham

In October, we had a bunch of valuable updates to Rezdy – see a full list of your recent actions and more!

Here are all the juicy details.

1.  See a full list of your recent actions

You can access the logs via Dashboard > View All


Or via Settings > Action Logs


2. Filter Orders List by Payment Status, i.e. Paid or Unpaid


3. Validate your payment gateway setup details

We will now validate your Payment Gateway setup details if you are using any of the three following gateways: eWay, Braintree, and Payflow Pro.


4. Choose to have no header on your booking form


5. Show the Balance Due to your customers

Let your customers know how much they still owe you in your confirmation emails.


Other notable releases

  • you can now edit the credit card details that were collected through the Rezdy Vault
  • you can now setup a Promo Code so that it’s applied to a particular price type – view full release notes here
  • you can now create an Internal Order from the Dashboard

What’s next?