Product Updates in January 2015 [Feature Round-Up]

2 Feb 2015     |    Taz Bareham

In January, we had a bunch of valuable updates to Rezdy – search by Participant Details, Gift Card updates, and more!

Here are all the juicy details.

1. Search by Participant details

You can do this either via the search function in the Orders tab, or via the “Super Search” feature at the top of your Rezdy account.

2. Gift Card updates

Create Gift Cards without expiration dates

Print a Gift Card

You can print a gift card via the Print button directly from the customer’s Order. Easy!


3. Create an Order from the Customer list

It’s now much easier to create orders from repeat customers. Simply search for your customer and click the ‘New Order’ button that appears next to their contact details.

4. See your Custom Fields in Reports

When you export Reports, you can now see all of your Custom Fields.

What’s Next?