Based off the continuous feedback regarding Point of Sale features and facilities, we’re very pleased to release a new swipe solution to read credit cards. This will greatly help you and your staff create Internal Orders faster for walk-ins by not having to type the card number.

You will need a USB Magnetic Stripe 3 Track Card Reader which can be purchased from various re-sellers e.g. eBay or Amazon

You also need to have at least one Payment gateway selected on your Rezdy account.

How to use the Swipe Card

1. On the order form, complete the Customer, Products, and Additional Information sections as required.

2. Within the Customer Payment section, tick the Add a credit card to this order tick box

3. Click Swipe Credit Card

You should see a  button, Swipe the Card

The Name on Card, Card Number, and the Expiry Date will be filled in.

4. Complete the Security Number (CCV) if your gateway requires this information