Product Updates in April 2016 [Feature Round-Up]

12 Apr 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Big thanks to those who continue to contribute their ideas and suggestions, we’re happy to announce the following releases:

Digital Waivers

Integrations have been built to WebMerge and Wherewolf who can both automate all of your document generation from Rezdy. Automatically sync data from Rezdy to WebMerge or Wherewolf and you’ll never copy & paste again.

For example, with WebMerge you could:

  • Generate a pre-populated waiver for customers to sign
  • Send a customized contracts for specific reservations
  • Send a thank you letter to customers when you receive bookings
  • Create a customized receipt or confirmation for a booking

For more information on how to set up and configure a Digital Waiver integration:

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Tourism Destinations

We’ve now made it even easier for Agents to find your Products within the Marketplace, based off the Destinations you set for your Business and Products. This allows Agents and Suppliers to:

  • find more Products in a specific area
  • know exactly how many Products exist per destination

There are two areas within Rezdy to set your Destinations:

1. Settings > Company Profile, click here to learn more

2. Product setup > Location Tab, click here to learn more

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Action Logs & Email Logs
We’ve added more details to the Action Logs page and Recent Actions section within Orders making it easier to track the history, including:

  • Users making changes to Orders
  • Users processing and/or removing Payments
  • Payment Gateway related errors

Email Logs: you can now view a reason why an email received a Bounced notification by:

1. Click Bounced or Dropped