Private rates and preferred rates, what is the difference for Tour Operators?

20 Oct 2015     |    Blake Ng

When tour operators connect with agents on the Rezdy platform, they will notice that there are private rates and preferred rates available on the marketplace. This makes it convenient for agents to resell your tours and activities, and in turn, it makes it easy for you to keep track of your various offers, deals and commission rates that are available.

By automating the booking process, Rezdy allows you to focus on developing your business and prevents you from wasting your precious time doing administrative work. In order to make the most out of Rezdy, tour operators and tour agents should know the difference between a private rate and a preferred rate.

What is a Private Rate?

A private rate is the rate that is available to all agents and distributors that want to resell your tours. This is the standard rate for your tours and activities, and you can utilize industry standard commission rates for this fee. As a tour operator, you have the ability to set your own private rate that is available on the system. This exclusive rate can help motivate agents to resell your tours.

For agents, the private rate is the fee that they see when they log into the marketplace. Agents who have access to a private rate may contact you about a preferred rate.

What is a Preferred Rate?

A preferred rate is the fee for your tours and activities that is available to your preferred partners. Preferred partnership agreements can be established between the tour operator and the agents. In general, these partnerships are created between two parties who have worked together on a regular basis with significant success (learn: how to get agent partnerships). A preferred rate may be a higher rate than the private rate.

Will Private and Preferred Rates Impact the Commission Rate?

It is up to the individual tour and activity operator to set the commission rate for selling their tours and activities. In general, private rates include the industry standard commission rates for specific types of travel agents. Preferred rates also may utilize these same standard commission rates, but an individual tour operator may adjust the commission rate for a preferred partner who does a significant amount of business with their company.

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It’s easy to keep track of your private rates and preferred rates when you publish your products on Rezdy’s Marketplace. This system is designed specifically for tour and activity operators, ensuring that it works exactly the way that you need it to for your travel business. In order to begin automating the booking process for your company, begin your free trial of Rezdy today. You’ll love how easy it is to use this powerful system.