How To Accept Online Bookings When You Don’t Have A Website

30 Mar 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Don’t have a website for your tour or activity products yet? Don’t let that stop you from allowing your customers to make instant online bookings.

As a Rezdy user, we’ve got you covered. Here are all of your options.

1. Create online bookings from the back-end

You don’t need a website to create “internal orders” because you are creating a booking within the application when you are on the phone with your clients or servicing them in person.

Typically, you would create an internal order when:

  • You get a POS (point of sales) booking.
  • An agent gives you a call to make a booking.
  • A customer gives you a call to make a booking.

You will need to create a new internal order and either select an existing customer or create a new one. You can have multiple products and participants for each booking.

If it was an Agent referral you can select which Agent referred the customer via a dropdown. When you save it, the booking will default to a Confirmed status, but you can always change it.


create online bookings from back end

With Rezdy, online bookings created by you or your staff are always free and unlimited.

Click here for the full tutorial.

2. Online bookings through distribution channels

Rezdy allows you to connect to plethora of online distribution channels so that you don’t need a website to get online bookings – your agents will be accepting bookings on your behalf!


With Rezdy, you’re able to connect with channels directly so that bookings, availability and commissions are all seamlessly tracked in one place. This drastically reduces the risk of overbooking your tours.

The first step you need to take is to create an Agent Catalog to set up the commission rate.

Then, invite an Agent by finding existing agents, or inviting ones that aren’t listed yet.

Connect with online bookings distribution channels

If you’re already working with an agent who isn’t listed on Rezdy yet, you can invite them (it’s 100% free for them to join Rezdy). You’ll have a new agent setup form where you input details like their company name and email in addition to the information we’ve listed above.

automate agents online bookings

3. Turn Facebook into an online booking channel

You don’t need a website to accept online bookings – simply use your Facebook business page!

If people find you through Facebook you want to make sure that the path to booking is as easy as possible. Why make them go to your website when they can book directly on while they’re logged into their Facebook profile?

Rezdy’s Facebook app takes advantage of Facebook’s best feature for businesses; that is, its app integration.

Turn Facebook into an online bookings channel

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to automatically receive bookings directly via Facebook. Remember to add an attractive BOOK NOW button that’s easy to find:

Click here for complete instructions.

online bookings from Facebook

4. Let Rezdy host your online booking form

Rezdy can host your booking form, which you can then use as your main website.

Using the Custom Theme Editing Tool, you can customize, colour match and brand your form with logos and banners to retain the look and feel of your brand.

Let Rezdy host your online bookings form

You can do all your advertising elsewhere. As long as you direct customers to your hosted booking form to make the booking, you can rest assured that all your bookings- whether they’re internal bookings, agent bookings, or online bookings – are completely in sync. Your inventory and availability are 100% accurate because all bookings are being managed by Rezdy.

Click here for complete instructions.

professional online bookings page

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