No One Likes to Wait – 4 Tips to Keep your Customers on their Toes

18 Dec 2016     |    Taz Bareham

When you are travelling, you want to maximize every minute of your trip. There’s nothing more frustrating than being stuck waiting in lines, waiting for a table at a restaurant, and waiting for a taxi to pick you up on the side of the road. Travellers spend enough time on their vacation waiting, you don’t want to be another frustrating moment on their vacation.

These tips will help you keep wait times down at your tour and activity company, as they will allow you to improve your efficiency and overall service.

4 Tips to Keep Wait Times Down at Your Tour and Activity Company

  • Communicate with your customers throughout the entire process. Schedule automatic confirmation emails that will be sent to your travellers immediately after booking. These emails can include vital information about your tours, including the timeline that can be expected. Use automatic texts to request that your customers check in early for their tour. Call your customers in advance in order to provide them with information about what they can expect the day of the tour. As long as you communicate openly and honestly, your customers will feel comfortable and confident with your company.
  • Be clear about where your tours begin and end. Each tour company operates differently, and many travellers have various activities scheduled with multiple companies during their trip. If your tour company offers guided tours that include hotel pick-ups, create a schedule for each day and make sure each visitor knows what the pick-up order is and what time they can expect their guide to arrive. If you have a meeting place for your tours, let your customers know where and when they need to meet.
  • Double check that all of your equipment is working properly. The best way to keep your equipment working properly at all times is to maintain it. Preventative maintenance is critical, particularly for the vehicles that are used for your tours. Always have back-up equipment available in the case of an unexpected emergency.
  • Invest in an efficient, simple payment processing system. Allow your customers to pay online prior to arriving for their tour, as this minimizes time spent finishing up business before the tour begins. Offer cloud-based credit card payment options for travellers who need to pay on the day of the tour, as this is the quickest way to get the payment you need from your customers.

Customer satisfaction plays a large role in managing your brand’s reputation. Customers who have to wait in line to book your tours or who are stuck waiting 15 minutes longer than they expected for their guide to show up are not going to be happy. They are probably going to share their negative experience with their friends, family members and Internet connections. By keeping wait times down and making customer service a top priority, you will be able to grow your tour company and compete on a global level.

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