Marketing 101: How to reach out to Chinese tourists using WeChat

Marketing 101: How to reach out to Chinese tourists using WeChat

For tour and activity operators, Chinese travelers are the market segment to target. Chinese travelers are traveling abroad in ever-increasing numbers, many of them setting their sights on international destinations. These tech-savvy globetrotters love to use social media and mobile technology to gather information about their upcoming trips as well as finalize their bookings. What’s the best way to reach Chinese travelers? Well, through their own social media platforms, of course!

What is WeChat and How Does it Work?


WeChat — or Wei Xin as it is called in Chinese — is an app designed for both text and voice mobile messaging. Launched in 2011, the app grew rapidly throughout China. Chinese users particularly enjoyed the fact that there was always a new feature available through WeChat, including QR codes and e-wallet capabilities. Now, it’s an essential lifestyle app that allows users to post photos, hail a cab or even pay their bills. If you live in China and you have a mobile device, it likely has WeChat installed on it.

WeChat By the Numbers

  • Across the globe, there are about 963 million users interacting on WeChat, with the Chinese making up the largest percentage of users (Statista 2017).
  • 92 percent of WeChat users use the app to text.
  • 75 percent use the “Moments” feature to share key aspects of their lives.
  • 62 percent use it for group chats.

How to Set Up a WeChat Account

Setting up a WeChat account for your tour and activity company is simple. Head to the WeChat website and fill out an “Official Registration” form. This is what professional organizations, such as businesses, have to do in order to launch their brand on WeChat. Once you fill out the form, you can begin using the exclusive business features in order to promote your brand and engage with potential travelers who are interested in your tours and activities.

Ways to Reach Chinese Travelers Before They Leave Home

  • Partner with OTAs who specialize in Chinese travel markets. Specifically, you should consider forming a distribution partnership with the OTA eLong, which has an exclusive booking partnership through WeChat’s Wallet.
  • Know the power of word-of-mouth. Chinese travelers rely heavily on personal advice from other travelers, and they are likely to use the Moments feature to look for inspiration for their upcoming trip.
  • Create cross promotions on other Chinese social sites. TripShow, for example, is a content aggregator that takes user content from other social sites and incorporates it into WeChat feeds. By cross-promoting your brand, you have a greater chance of attracting the attention of motivated Chinese travelers.

Targeting the most motivated traveler market segments is a sure-fire way to increase your bookings. Online marketing is a powerful tool when it comes to generating buzz about your brand on the international level, and is the only way to get the attention of Chinese travelers. To find out more information about developing a marketing strategy for the Chinese market, download the Rezdy’s new ebook Become China Ready now.


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