Know the Market: The Rise of Solo Travelers

26 Apr 2018     |    Blake Ng

Many people mistakenly assume that travel is a group activity — designed for couples, families or organizations to enjoy together. However, independent and solo travelers are taking the world by storm, and the tour and activity industry needs to adapt in order to accommodate this trend.

What is Solo Travel?

Solo travel is a type of vacation in which an individual embarks on an adventure on their own. People often opt to take a solo vacation because they want to focus on self care, they have a desire to explore new places or they want to immerse themselves in the local culture while interacting with the residents of the area they are visiting.

Independent travelers used to represent a very small share of the overall travel market, but solo travel has been on the rise as of late. In fact, recent data published by Solo Traveler World suggests that 1 out of every 4 travelers plans to take an independent vacation at some point during the next year, and most of these solo travelers are women. About 72 percent of American women have taken or plan to take a solo vacation.


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How Can Tour and Activity Operators Attract These Travelers?

  • Improve your SEO strategySolo travelers who are looking for options for their next getaway rely heavily on online searches to learn more information. In fact, searches for “solo travel” increased by more than 40 percent in the past two years. You should incorporate related keywords into your website content in order to attract these travelers to your brand. Once you have them on your page, your products will speak for themselves and they will likely be motivated to book quickly with your company.
  • Offer guided tours — Given the fact that they are traveling alone, solo travelers often like to book guided tours in which they can learn a bit more about the area and possibly meet new people who also are traveling in the region. The popularity of these tours among this traveler market segment grew by more than 20 percent during a two-year period from 2013 to 2015, and continues to remain a favorite option of independent travelers.
  • Create luxury products — Data suggests that most independent travelers are between the ages of 40 and 50, and they have an income of more than $120,000 per year. Roughly 80 percent of them are women. They are often looking for luxurious tour and activity products that allow them to appreciate the finer things in life all while experiencing a new destination. Consider add-on options such as a bottle of champagne during the guided tour of the city, or a picnic lunch with authentic local fare after an activity is complete.

Understanding the latest market trends and the data surrounding rising traveler market segments is critical to growing and developing your tour and activity company. To stay informed about the latest industry news and trends, follow the Rezdy blog today.

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