How to Streamline Your Booking Process, as told by Tour de Vines

14 Jul 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Tour de Vines aims to create a unique and memorable experience – offering gourmet cycling tours that are based on local food and wine regions, throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Damian Cerini is the owner and founder of the company, who loves the fact that his customers are able to cycle through stunning landscapes while enjoying gourmet delights and incredible wine along the way.

As his business began to grow, Damian became frustrated with the lack of efficiency within the office and his booking process.

This is how he was able to quickly and easily streamline his booking process, ultimately improving the customer experience and allowing his business to coast to new heights.

1. Identify shortcomings within the booking process

Damian wants to provide his customers with the best service possible, whether they are just researching their tours or they are cycling alongside the road.

He knew he couldn’t provide his customers the service they both needed and wanted without an online booking system. He wanted a system that would be user-friendly and efficient, and he wanted it to help improve communication between his company and his customers.

He also was looking to boost the data security of his business, as well as become more organized with his records. He needed to be able to quickly look up information about a customer, their tour selections and their bookings.

2. Test out a solution

Rezdy was an appealing choice for Damian because it was affordable and easy to implement. When he signed up for the trial, he entered all of the necessary data regarding his tours and then integrated the system with his website in order to accept live online bookings.

He also found the additional plugins to be useful for his business, such as the social media plugin and the advanced e-mail options.

“We basically just turned them on, implemented them  — which was quick and easy — and we were up and running.”

Other features that Damian enjoys include the calendar and the manifest.

The calendar provides him and his staff with the necessary information about availability at a glance. They can immediately identify which tours are coming up, which tours are completely booked and where they still have remaining availability.

The manifest allows him to provide his tour guides all over the world with the information they need about their customers.

3. Measure results

Rezdy’s booking software has allowed Damian to save his most valuable resource of all — time.

“In dealing with customers, in taking bookings, following up with customers, automated e-mails — it’s all quick and easy through Rezdy, so it’s saved our business a lot of time and resources.”

In addition, the company is more organized and secure, ultimately allowing Damian and his guides to give amazing and unforgettable tours without worrying about the administrative responsibilities back at the office.

It’s never been simpler to streamline your online booking process. Begin your free trial with Rezdy today.