How to Pivot Your Business After a Disaster

6 Feb 2020     |    Blake Ng

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, recovery can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task. It’s important to maintain perspective, though, and realize that your tour operation can and will recover.

If you are a tour and activity operator who has been impacted by the bushfire in Australia, you’ll want to know how to pivot your business and become stronger in the aftermath of disaster.

Dealing with the immediate aftermath

Before you can begin setting your sights on the future and shifting the focus of your business, you will need to deal with the immediate aftermath. Begin the recovery process by taking photographs of any property damage that you incurred as a result of the bushfire, and start filing insurance claims as soon as possible. In addition, research the bushfire aid that may be available to you. It’s important that you get the funding you need to start getting back to business quickly.

Understanding the impact of disaster on other tourism markets

The days and weeks following a natural disaster can feel lonely and isolating. While it may seem like no one else has had to deal with such massive destruction, it’s important to remember that other tourism markets have recovered after large-scale natural disasters. Christchurch, New Zealand, for example, has earned a reputation for knowing how to handle the recovery process. According to CNN, the massive earthquakes that shattered the heart of this large city ended up spawning a new life for the community. In the aftermath of the earthquakes, the community banded together to create an economic recovery group called Christchurch Rebuild. In addition, local residents and grassroots organizations started creating public art that is now displayed in downtown Christchurch. By working together and shifting focus, the community was able to recover and transform into a thriving tourism market.

How to pivot your tour business after disaster

Here’s a few ways that you can shift your focus at your business and start thinking about life after the disaster:

  • Join a destination marketing organization or an economic recovery group. Become a participant in the larger recovery effort.
  • Identify niche markets that may be more interested in your region now.
  • Develop new products that may better align with renewed interest in your organization, and don’t be afraid to tell your story.

As you look to the future after a devastating natural disaster like the bushfire, you’ll also want to consider the technology that you use at your tour business. With the right technology in place, you will be able to build a better, stronger brand that attracts new market segments from both domestic and international markets.

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