How to Break Language Barriers for Tour Operators

24 Dec 2017     |    Blake Ng

By its very nature, the travel industry spans across the globe and reaches out to people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. Even if your tour and activity company focuses on your domestic market, there’s a good chance you are going to have guests who book your experiences that speak a different language. It’s up to you to reach beyond those barriers, and make everyone feel comfortable.

Here’s how you can break down language barriers as a tour operator:

Start by knowing your market.

As you seek to increase your bookings and expand your reach within the travel industry, you need to do market research on the travelers who are heading to your destination and who are booking your tours. Take note of their native languages, and evaluate data to determine which languages are spoken most amongst the travelers who visit your region. Make these languages your priority. Then, you can start to expand your offerings based on emerging outbound traveler markets in order to increase your bookings.

Create a multilingual website.

For many travelers, their first experience with your tour and activity company is your website. Since the first impression is often the most important, it’s critical that your website adapts to the needs of your target market segment. You can use the metrics found on Google Analytics to evaluate which languages are going to be most useful for your website. Then, you need to invest in the right tour and activity technology. When you use an online booking system that offers multi-language settings, you can easily create a website that your travelers understand.

Accept different currencies.

In addition to creating a multilingual website, you also should accept currencies that your international market segments use the most. Again, this requires you to invest in the right online booking technology. Your online booking system should process secure payments from a variety of foreign currencies. When international travelers realize that you will accept their local currency, they will inherently trust you and they will be impressed that you are making it as easy as possible for them to book with your company.

Offer experiences in a variety of languages.

Once you increase your bookings amongst international travelers who speak different languages, you need to make sure the actual experience lives up their expectations. Hire tour guides who are fluent in several different languages. You also can invest in multilingual GPS technology and multilingual audio guides to assist travelers who do not speak your native language.


When you implement the right technology into your tour and activity company, you can easily create a multilingual experience that makes any traveler feel welcome. Rezdy offers you the chance to accept many different foreign currencies, and also makes it easy for you to create a multi-language website. With Rezdy, you can accept online bookings from across the globe, which allows you to increase your reach in the travel industry. For more information on how Rezdy can help you tap into the international market and break down language barriers, begin your free trial today.

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