How City Sightseeing Perth Save Time & Money by Automating Bookings

19 Jun 2015     |    Taz Bareham

Jon Tomkins, the director of City Sightseeing Perth, loves to spend his days showing tourists all of the beautiful things Perth has to offer from his open top bus tour company.

The company, which is connected with the City Sightseeing Worldwide Network, recently merged with two of Jon’s other brands, and is growing now that Jon uses Rezdy exclusively as his online booking system.

With this new system in place, he has saved both time and money, and is able to focus on giving the tours that he enjoys and making sure his fleet is in top condition.

Here’s how he did it:

First, he identified the problem areas during the merger

The three brands that he was merging were not utilizing the same booking system. One of his brands, Fremantle Trams, was already using Rezdy as its online booking system.

City Sightseeing Perth, on the other hand, was using a semi-automatic booking system that required manual payment processing. This made the process of booking tours and accepting payments overwhelming and time consuming.

“In terms of calculating costs, we were on a pay per ticket system, so it was more difficult to understand what it was going to cost us.”

In the old system, customers had to request a tour time and Jon had to finalize the bookings with the customers after the fact. This added pressure reduced his ability to focus on giving amazing and fun tours to visitors.

“We were spending too much time answering the phone to process bookings.”

Then, he selected the booking system that would streamline the process

Since he was already familiar with Rezdy and he knew the system had a proven track record, he decided the best thing to do during the merger was to integrate all of the brands with Rezdy’s online booking system.

Now, he can rely on a fixed-fee system that makes it easy for him to understand his costs and profit margins, and he is able to accept automated bookings. This means he doesn’t have to spend as much time on the phone finalizing orders with customers.

“Having all bookings fully automated certainly removes a lot of aggravation and frees up man hours. The pressure to get bookings processed is now gone because customers just take care of themselves.”

Finally, he enjoyed all of the benefits Rezdy has to offer

In addition to saving both time and money, Jon has benefited from Rezdy’s unparalleled customer service. The support staff is quick and efficient, but the best part is, he rarely has to contact them.

The clean and easy-to-use portal makes it possible for everyone to complete online bookings and manage the resources of the company.

“I like the simplicity of Rezdy — it has a fixed fee, a simple and clean layout, and in terms of functionality the booking integrates smoothly with what we’ve got.”

Jon is just one business owner who has found that Rezdy is the most convenient and reliable online booking system.

Your tour and activity business also can save both time and money by investing in Rezdy. In order to find out if Rezdy is the right choice for you, start your free trial today.