How to Capitalize on Cheap and Effective Advertising for Your Last-Minute Bookings

22 Dec 2016     |    Taz Bareham

Last-minute bookings may feel like an unexpected bonus, but they are actually a pivotal part of your business. Any open spot on your tours represents lost profit for your business, so it’s important to remain open to last-minute bookings for as long as possible. In most cases, tour and activity operators are encouraged to allow people to book at least 2 hours in advance of the tour, if not sooner. In order to attract last minute travellers, you can invest in specific types of advertising.

One of the best ways to market your products to travellers who prefer to be impromptu and book at the last minute is to create a Google AdWords campaign. Here’s a few reasons why AdWords is the best option for last-minute bookings:

  • You can create a very specific campaign that is geared toward one target audience. With AdWords, you select the trending keywords that you believe will allow you to reach the most motivated and interested audience for your tours. For example, “kayak tours in Maui” is the type of keyword that might be used in an AdWords campaign. When you have a specific idea about the types of searches that last-minute travellers might be performing, you can create an AdWords campaign that will attract their attention. Remember, the trick to developing a successful AdWords campaign is to locate motivated searchers who are going to convert into customers, since you pay for every click on your ad. Clicks that do not turn into conversions do nothing except waste your marketing budget.
  • You can schedule a time for your PPC campaign to launch. In order to capture the attention of last-minute travellers, you will want to design an AdWords campaign for the evening hours. This is the time of day when travellers are likely looking up options for things to do the following day. This is particularly true of visitors who have already reached your destination.
  • You can prioritize mobile searches. Many procrastinating travellers are relying on their mobile devices in order to see if anything is available in the area. When you design a mobile AdWords campaign, you are more likely to reach the audience that is looking to book the last few available spots on your tour. Make sure that you have a responsive web design so that these travellers can quickly book their tour from their preferred device.

As mobile technology becomes a more powerful player in the travel industry, last-minute bookings are increasing in relevance. Every year, more travellers begin to rely on their smart phones and tablets in order to research their trips and book their excursions. This also means that many are waiting until the last minute, using mobile searches in order to look for tour companies with availability and book just before a tour begins.

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