Accept Payments on Your Booking Website

10 Dec 2015     |    Taz Bareham

You are a local tour operator who provides daily tours to your city’s most beloved attractions, and you love the fact that you offer an authentic perspective for your clients. However, it can be tough to compete in a global market, especially when everyone is booking vacation packages online. One way to set yourself apart from your competition and to improve the experience for your customers is to accept payments on your booking website.

Why Should You Begin Accepting Payments on Your Booking Website?

The bottom line is, you need to accept payments online if you want your customers to book your tours. Travelers today are booking their travel online, and online payments are fast, convenient and easy. In fact, many are even making their reservations on mobile devices. You must keep up with the times if you want to grow your business.

Online payments allow you to be open for business at all times. Regardless of your storefront business hours or the time zone that you are in, you can be ready and willing to accept reservations for your tours and activities.
Instead of forcing your customers to go through a third party site to complete their payment, you can install a payment gateway through Rezdy that automates the process. They can make a quick, secure payment through your system, and move on to the next step of planning their own vacation.

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Is It Going to Benefit You as a Business Owner?

Online payments are beneficial not only to your customers, but also to you. They allow you to get paid faster, since the money that is paid for bookings heads straight into your accounts. You don’t have to wait for it to be processed, and your cash flow is not slowed down.

By accepting online payments, you can potentially reduce your overhead costs and increase your profits. You don’t need to hire someone after hours to answer your phones and accept reservations.

Instead, you can direct your customers to your website where they can complete their reservation and make their payment on their own terms.
Online payment gateways are secure, alleviating the fear that comes with accepting payments online. You don’t have to worry about the private information of your customers, because you know it will be protected. In addition, you don’t have to be concerned with whether or not you will actually get paid.
The booking system automatically calculates the total for the customer, and there is little room for error. This reduces bookkeeping frustrations and also helps you earn the income that you deserve.

Where to start?

Rezdy is an online booking system that was created specifically for tour and activity providers, especially local companies that are trying to offer a unique service to their communities. With Rezdy, you get an easy online booking interface as well as a simple “Book Now” button for your customers to use. And Rezdy offers you so much more. It’s a software system that is truly designed to enhance your overall business. Learn more by starting a trial.