7 Mistakes to Avoid When Converting Visitors to Customers

18 Mar 2018     |    Blake Ng

As you track your metrics for your tour and activity website, you might be pleased to see that your site visitors are increasing from month to month and year to year. A boost in site visitors is important to increasing your brand recognition across the globe, but not all site visitors are created equal. The best kind of site visitors to have are the kind that convert into paying customers. As you seek to boost your conversion ratings, it’s important to avoid these seven mistakes:

1. Burying the booking form.

If you think of the online booking journey chronologically, it’s natural to assume that the traveler will explore the entirety of a page before coming to the booking form at the bottom. You might think that upon reaching it, they will quickly finalize their reservation for their preferred tour or activity. Unfortunately, the reality is that a buried booking form almost always means a lost customer. The booking form needs to be in a highly visible location on each landing page.

2. Forgetting the call-to-action.

In theory, a call-to-action is one of the most simplistic aspects of any tour and activity website. It might be easy to assume that you don’t need to tell the site visitor to take the next step, but the reality is, you need to motivate them to follow through. Phrases like “Call us now” or “Book your tour today” will have a direct impact on your conversion rating.


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3. Limiting your landing pages.

The more landing pages you have on your tour and activity website, the better off you are. This increases your visibility online and encourages user engagement. Don’t forget the booking form on each and every page!

4. Ignoring the need for social proof.

Your social media strategy should blend into your online marketing strategy. Incorporate online reviews into your website, and display all of the platforms you are active on. Without social proof, your prospective travelers may not find you to be a trustworthy brand.

5. Opting out of retargeting campaigns.

Paid retargeting campaigns may feel like an unnecessary expense, but they are actually a highly-effective way to utilize your advertising dollars. Retargeting campaigns remind previous site visitors about your brand and encourage them to come back to finalize their booking.


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6. Decreasing the number of photos on your website.

You should never eliminate visual proof of your products. High-resolution photographs set the stage for the customer experience, and provide site visitors with an idea of what they can expect from your company.

7. Creating a lengthy, cumbersome booking form.

By adding field after field to your booking form, you will only discourage travelers who do not want to take the time to complete it. A short, simple form is the best way to improve your direct bookings and boost your conversion rating.

By knowing which mistakes to avoid as you update and maintain your tour and activity website, you can easily design a website that drives organic traffic and encourages direct bookings. To learn more about the important role your website plays in your online marketing campaign, download the Rezdy online marketing ebook now.

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