6 Scientific Ways to Boost Conversion Rates

7 Dec 2017     |    Blake Ng

For many, online shopping has become a way of life. Consumers can discover endless hours of enjoyment by adding items to their cart and applying different promo codes, as they try to decide what they actually want to purchase. Unfortunately for many online brands, the vast majority of consumers are more likely to abandon their cart than they are to finalize their purchase. In fact, recent research published by Tnooz reveals that about 67 percent of online users leave a website without making a purchase.

As a tour and activity company, you not only want to attract more visitors to your website but you also want to increase your conversions.

What is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the number of site visitors who arrive at your site and book one of your tour products. It’s critical that you know what your conversion rate is and that you also actively work to boost it.

6 Scientific Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate

  1. Remain transparent. Your prospective travelers will need to be able to implicitly trust your brand prior to booking with you. By describing your tours clearly and effectively and outlining your simple online booking process, your site visitors will feel more comfortable booking directly with you online.
  2. Recognize the decoy effect. Travelers, in particular, like to take their time to weigh options. If you have two similar tour packages, you may lose a lot of site visitors because they can’t decide between the two. With the decoy effect, you can offer a third alternative that is considerably less valuable than the product you want to book. Customers are more likely to book the original option quickly because they feel it’s a good deal.
  3. Reward in real-time. Potential travelers would much rather get a discount upon booking than receive a free souvenir when they arrive for your tour. Offer small, short-term discounts to encourage your site visitors to book one of your tour products immediately.
  4. Offer social proof. Social media is particularly influential, especially for those in the travel industry. Link to your social pages and incorporate online reviews into your website design to provide your site visitors with verifiable social proof of the products you offer.
  5. Minimize information overload. A tour description that is too detailed or wordy can actually stress out or overwhelm a consumer. Instead, opt for clear and effective marketing language that provides your potential travelers with everything they need to know yet nothing more.
  6. Know the power of simplicity. Listing off the 18 different tours that are available and all of their customization options can be startling and stressful. Promoting 3 or 5 of your best tours will allow you to generate more bookings and improve your conversion rate.

Implementing the right technology at your tour and activity company is also critical to boosting your conversion rate. To learn more about Rezdy and how it can help you increase your direct bookings and improve your customer conversion rate, begin your free demo today.

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