The 6 Must-Have Features of a Luxury Tour

8 Oct 2017     |    Blake Ng

In 2016, the outbound Chinese travel market grew by more than 4 percent, with 122 million Chinese travelers heading to international destinations throughout the year. The growth in this outbound travel market can be attributed to rising income levels and increased access to flights, visas and other travel necessities. The Chinese market segment has huge potential, and many destinations across the globe are trying to target these tech-savvy explorers who are looking for luxury vacation options.

In order to attract Chinese tourists at your tour and activity company, you might want to consider creating luxury tour options. This can help you generate buzz amongst this powerful market demographic, while also allowing you to increase the revenue you earn per tour as well.

Creating a luxury tour? Here’s the features you need to include:

#1 High-Speed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become a necessity to luxury travelers, who love to stay connected on their latest and greatest devices. When you have fast and reliable Wi-Fi available, they are likely going to be posting about their experiences on social media. For tour and activity operators, this is an added benefit of offering Wi-Fi.

#2 Personal Tour Guide

A luxury tour should offer more than the standard experience, and a personal, local guide can be just the right touch. This increases the intimacy of the tour and also improves the overall experience. A person who is paying for luxury will appreciate the fact that they get special treatment along the way.

#3 No Wait Guarantee

Luxury means more than elegance and opulence — it also means efficiency. Offer your luxury customers priority seating as well as a no-wait guarantee. This allows them to minimize time on their holiday waiting around for the next tour bus in hopes of getting a seat, but rather relaxing and soaking up the moments that they are away.

#4 Value-Added Services

Enhance the experience for your luxury guests by including local snacks and desserts or wine and champagne. Allow them to utilize DSLR cameras and send them the edited photographs. These extra services will encourage people to select the luxury option.

#5 Gifts and Souvenirs

A gift or souvenir is a small way to show your appreciation to your customers for choosing your luxury tour, and it will feel like a valuable reward to them. A T-shirt, etched glass or photo frame are all options that you might consider offering for your luxury tour experience.

#6 Multi-Language Tour Options

Many luxury travelers hail from international destinations, so offering multi-language tour options is a way to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. It also significantly improves the experience for them, as they can fully enjoy the tour without worrying about translating the information.

Of course, you will only be able to attract Chinese travelers looking for luxury if you make it easy for them to book your tours and activities. Rezdy is the online booking system that was designed with your and activity operators in mind, and it can help you increase your distribution reach across the globe. For more information, begin your free demo now.



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