5 More Signs You Should Invest in Online Booking Software (Part 2)

30 May 2014     |    Taz Bareham

We previously listed the first 5 signs that indicate it’s time for you to invest in online booking software. As promised, here’s the continuation of that list.

If two or more of these signs ring true, then you can rest assured that an online booking capability would  be a worthwhile investment for your business.

6. Your staff are struggling to keep up

There’s a lag time in responding to enquiries because it’s hard to keep up with the phone calls and emails back and forth with customers. If your tour is seldom customized, then you shouldn’t have to spend so much time on the phone.

The whole process should be managed by your website, from having their questions answered, to selecting the tour, right through to payment and confirmation.

7. You can’t up-sell before the day

While it can be difficult to find ways to get more revenue per customer, cross-selling and up-selling is definitely a tried and true method. While adding a complementary offer to your experience (such as meals) can be done on the day, many people like to take time to make these kinds of decisions. Your customers may not have brought the right amount of cash with them, and so are unprepared.

Asking them while they’re on your website and paying for the tour itself is the most convenient way. Just make sure that all extras are reflected on your manifest.

8. You have disputes with agents over commission amounts

Your agents want to know that they are getting paid the correct amount for sending you referrals. However, it can happen that someone makes a mistake, or a person they sent to you cancels and so you have to explain the situation to your agent.

Online booking software that connects tour operators to agents have a reseller reporting capability so that everything is noted in black and white. That way there’s no room for human error, and you avoid disputes over commission.

9. You have to manually adjust your availability to avoid overbooking

Many tour operators and activity providers are faced with the issue of efficient resource management. How can you manage your resources in such a way that you can maximise revenue without overbooking? This is especially hard to do when you distribute through a variety of channels.

Online booking software can make sure your availability is updated across all distribution channels – a very important but painful task.

10. You have to manually email your customers for everything

Simple emails that you probably have templates for, such as booking confirmation, follow up and reminder emails, are very simple to automate with booking software.

Leaving it up to you and your staff to keep track of who went on which tour and when, and subsequently needs to emailed on this date and that date, is time consuming and unneccessary. You should be spending your time on more valuable, revenue-generating tasks.

If you’re ready to give booking software a shot, but are still unsure of whether you should commit financially, take an obligation-free trial of Rezdy. It will solve all these problems and more for your business.