3 Rezdy Webcasts That Will Help You Engage With Customers

3 Nov 2014     |    Taz Bareham

Engage With Customers

If you’re the visual type who enjoys learning through video, then have a look at these great webcasts that detail how you can engage with your customers and get more bookings.

1. How to Get More Bookings With Coupons

By the end of the webinar, you will understand how to integrate coupons into your marketing strategy.

You will learn:

  • Why coupons are worth your while
  • How to create and deliver coupons
  • How to manage coupons with your online booking system

promotional campaigns

2. Engaging With Your Customers From Start to Finish

As tour operators you have to let them know that providing them with the best experience possible is your top priority.

This is your chance to learn:

  • When to touch base with your customers
  • How to engage with customers before, during, and after your tours
  • How to automate customer engagement

automated emails

3. How To Convert More Visitors Into Customers

How easy it for your customers to make a booking through your website?

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to provide a clear path to booking
  • How to make use of conversion assists
  • How to track your conversions

This webinar is ideal for Rezdy customers who want to get quick tips on how to improve their conversion rate from website visitor to online booker!

bookings from Facebook

What’s Next?

If you are brand new to Rezdy and would like to watch step by step video tutorials, check out our Youtube page.