3 Good Indirect Booking Channels

7 Dec 2015     |    Blake Ng

Direct booking is a wonderful thing for your tour and activity company, but you cannot rely solely on your own marketing efforts in order to grow your business to the next level. In order to make sure that you reach a wide audience and increase your bookings, you will want to create partnerships with indirect booking channels. These indirect booking channels will promote your business for you, and help you accomplish the goals you have set for your tour and activity company.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

OTAs specialize in creating exciting and inviting vacation packages for their customers, which makes it as easy as possible to book a vacation. As a tour and activity provider, you want to reach out to OTAs in order to be included in the packages that they design.

For example, if you run a whale watching company, your tours could be packaged with a room at a local hotel as well as a car for the week for one great price. Travelers today love to select these packages because they are affordable, and their itinerary is set. They can simply make a reservation and enjoy their vacation.

The benefit to working with OTAs is that you are able to reach a far wider audience than you would if you simply tried to market your tours and activities a la carte on your own. Chances are, you will increase your bookings significantly and you may even be able to begin offering more tours and activities throughout the day.

Hotel and Concierge Referrals

The hotel front desk is often the first place that travelers stop once they have unpacked their bags in their rooms. Everyone knows that the concierge is the expert on everything there is to do in the local area, so you want to make sure that the concierges in your region are promoting your products.

The concierge will certainly be more apt to recommend your company to its customers since they can easily check your live availability online, and instantly make a reservation. This makes the process not only more convenient for the traveler, but also less cumbersome for the concierge who is expected to set up reservations for their customers.

Daily Deal Sites

These sites can be a great way to get the word out about your business. Consider setting up a daily deal promotion that can be purchased and used during the off-season for your company. This can drive up revenue during a traditionally slow time, and also increase your exposure within the local community. Daily deal sites are typically distribution channels that provide incremental sales.

How to connect to these channels?

When you are making connections with indirect booking channels, it’s important to emphasize the fact that your booking process is both quick and simple. With Rezdy, any agent who is reselling your tours and activities can view your live availability and instantly complete a reservation.

Rezdy calculates their commission for them, which entices them to continue to sell your products. In order to find out more information about indirect booking channels that can help grow your business, and to see what Rezdy can do for you, read the distribution E-book or begin your free trial today.

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