3 Advantages of an Integrated Booking System for Tour Operators

12 Jul 2018     |    Blake Ng

Those who are traveling the globe want more out of their trips than a few quick photo stops at the best attractions in their destination. They want to enjoy authentic moments and immerse themselves in the local culture. This renewed emphasis on experience has resulted in a booming tour and activity industry, and tour operators need an integrated booking system in order to take advantage of this exciting moment.

What is an Integrated Booking System?

An integrated booking system is a pivotal piece of technology for tour and activity operators. It combines a property management system with a channel manager and website creator, and allows a tour and activity brand to effectively promote and distribute its products while simultaneously increasing direct bookings.

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3 Advantages of an Integrated Booking System

  • It will increase the efficiency and speed of your operations. An integrated booking system contains a variety of features designed to simplify the administrative tasks of the tour and activity operator while improving results at the same time. For example, an online booking system may have a channel manager that allows a tour and activity operator to distribute their tour products to a wide range of agents. The channel manager displays their live rates and availability, and automatically updates when a booking is made. This prevents overbooking, increases customer satisfaction and streamlines the administrative process. Other valuable features of an integrated booking system include online payment options, remote access, resource management tools and automatic communications.
  • It will improve your online marketing efforts. Not only will an integrated booking system allow you to accept direct bookings through your website and social platforms, but it also will enhance your online marketing campaigns. Through your system, you can send out automatic e-mails and text messages to your past, present and future customers. In addition, you can create and manage customized promotional codes and discounts. With the right booking system, you no longer have to be a marketing expert. You’ll receive customized digital marketing services through an external agency that will include SEO tips and Google Analytics reports. By connecting your property management system with your online brand, you’ll be able to quickly increase your visibility and reach on the web.
  • It will boost your revenue. Many tour and activity operators invest in an integrated booking system because they want to be able to accept online bookings through their website. Obviously, direct bookings are a great way to maximize the profit at your tour and activity company. But the right integrated booking system also will allow you to distribute your products to as many agents as possible without increasing the risk of overbooking your tours and activities. When you implement a dynamic distribution strategy through the channel manager, you’ll be able to reach travelers of all types from around the world.

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