#Together4Tourism Survive COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought chaos to the travel industry. Get the vital knowledge and skills to help your business navigate through these challenging times.


Featured Today

Arival Research: Forecasting a Post-COVID World

A research presentation on modeling and forecasting the effects and timeline of the COVID-19 crisis.

Cash Flow

Ideas to monitize your virtual tours

Rezdy’s Blake Ng has some specific and detailed ideas about how virtual tours can operate, and ideas to set them apart so that you can maintain cash flow.

Alex Bainbridge (Autoura): “Transition your sightseeing business to autonomous vehicle sightseeing”

An in-depth document detailing the potential of driverless vehicles as sightseeing tours, and how Autoura are approaching the idea

Austin Adventures’ First Virtual Adventure for Kids a HUGE Success, Next Five Virtual Adventures Planned For Coming Weeks

Kasey Austin talks about how their business has pivoted to virtual tours, and how they are already planning to grow this idea over the next 5 weeks

Give local merchants a boost by buying digital gift cards

An interesting site that locates local merchants near you that might be struggling, that you can support by purchasing gift cards to redeem at a later date

Survival in the Travel Industry

An analysis of the current state of the Travel Industry with some useful examples of how to make the most of it, including tours that can work with social distancing restrictions

City Brew Tours Brings Brewing & Live Beer Education Into Home Kitchens Nationwide to Combat Isolation

City Brew Tours, an operator of craft brewery tours and experiences in North America, pivots to now conduct ‘Beer Events at Home’ to combat the isolating effects of the current crisis.

Case Study: How Visit London Taxi Tours is retaining their employees

Visit London Taxi Tour company has had an innovative approach to how their business can help out the community, and still maintain cash flow.

How to Avoid Scams and False Refunds During COVID-19

Ricki Hudson from Rezdy talks advice and strategies to avoid some opportunists who might take advantage during these difficult times

Tourism Australia: COVID-19 Local and Federal Government Support for the Tourism Industry

Useful information on the Government support options that are available to Australians in the Tourism Industry

Get Your Guide: Get support from government assistance programs

Get Your Guide has been building out a searchable Government Assistance portal for small businesses by country for tour and activity providers. Australia now available and New Zealand will be added soon.

Using Giftcards to Sure Up Cashflow

As cashflow begins to dry up, consider using gift cards to bring cash into your business now so you’ll have the resources to outlast this crisis. Here’s a guide to creating and selling giftcards for your tour operation.

Creating Live Virtual Tours: A Guide For Your Operators

Many people are currently under lockdown. However, they may still be interested in your tour. With the readily available platforms such as Facebook Live and Zoom, why not conduct virtual tours? Here’s how.

How To Turn Cancellations Into Future Bookings

There’s no doubt that tour operators are now receiving a large volume of cancellation requests. Here’s a guide to turning some of those cancellations into a future booking instead of a refund.


Tips & Advice

Our World in Data: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research

A detailed and in-depth statistical compilation of COVID-19, with graphical representations to keep you informed.

Phocuswire: The long tail of travel may get cut off – automation is one way to get it back up

Recommendations for Tour Operators from European Tour Operators Association CEO Tom Jenkins, Rezgo CEO Stephen Joyce, BeMyGuest CEO Blanca Menchaca and more

Kolin Schnuck: How long will the coronavirus torture the travel industry?

A prediction on potential timelines based on a thorough analysis of China’s example

Arival Research: Forecasting a Post-COVID World

A research presentation on modeling and forecasting the effects and timeline of the COVID-19 crisis.

Tours are at an absolute low – here’s how they can recover after COVID-19

Summary of the current industry reality during COVID-19, as well as tips to maximise recovery

Zoom: Support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Training and resources on remote working, educating and virtual events from Zoom Video Communications

Tourism is tanking. So RV and camper companies found business fighting COVID-19

recreational-vehicle hire companies have found a new source of income as their traditional customers dried up – providing RVs for key workers, such as medical personnel

Tourism Tiger: e-Book with Quick Tips on Suriviving COVID-19 for Travel Industry Professionals

Tiger has compiled an easy-to-read document of tips and advice on surviving COVID-19 in the travel industry.

Case Study: How El Sol Vida is Pivoting Through This Pandemic

El Sol Vida, a tour operation in Jamaica has pivoted it’s business, using its existing resources to provide delivery services for the elderly. Here’s the why and the how.

Wherewolf Digital Waivers: COVID-19 Resources For the Industry, From the Industry

Wherewolf has curated resources from around the industry to help operators that require waivers to stay connected and informed of the ever-changing landscape of Covid-19.

PicThrive: The Best Resources To Help You Get Through COVID-19

Hear from PicThrive as they share their top resources to help the industry get thourgh COVID-19.

5 Ways to Save on Graphic Design During COVID-19

Benjamin Williams, Creative Director of 55 KNOTS shares 5 easy tips to improve your graphic design without the stress, plus a special offer to support small businesses during these tough times.

Scott Ricketts: Staying Productive For Small Tourism Businesses During the Coronavirus

Sydney Tour Guide Scott Rickets has 10 simple and positive things that small businesses can do to make the most of this situation, stay productive and get set up for the future.

Tourprenuer Podcast: How to Prepare For COVID-19

Shane Whaley and tour industry veteran Peter Syme offers a battle plan to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus on our tour business.

Arival: Seeing Past A Crisis

Douglas Quinby highlights his experience getting through the 2008 financial crises.

Peter Syme: Disaster is Just an Opportunity in Hiding

Peter Syme offers advice on making the most out of your time during this crisis.

Chris Torres: Marketing Against The Corona Virus

Chris Torres discusses what you need to focus on when marketing during these challenging times.

Ricki Hudson: How to Communicate That You’re Open

Ricki Hudson gives advice on how to communicate your tour or activity is open during COVID-19, in association with Archie Bros. Cirque Electric.

Health & Safety

Cal Fussman Podcast: COVID-19 Safety Tips

Cal Fussman & Aunt Mitzi discuss safety tips against the Corona Virus. This podcast is an easy way to understand what the Corona Virus is and discusses the safety tips you can use. This is the one resource that shouldn’t be missed.

WHO’s Workplace Recommendations

Here are the World Health Organisation’s tips to during these challenging times. These recommendations do not only apply to work places but also,  many tour operations.

Safe Work Australia’s Advice to Employers

Here are Safe Work Australia’s advice to protecting your employees against the Corona Virus.

ABC Coronacast

This podcast breaks down ongoing news and research to help you understand the latest information. There’s a new episode every day to stay informed and up to date.

Industry Reports

Arival Survey Takeaways

Arival conducted a survey on the effect of COVID-19 on tour operators. Here are the takeaways.

5 Leading Indicators to Show What’s Happening to Our Tourism Industry

Adam O’Neill, founder of Asia Advisory shares a number of news and industry reports to reference five leading indicators to help understand what is happening across our Tourism industry.

Lee Ci En’s Collection of COVID-19 Research

Here is a folder filled with research conducted from around the world.


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