Rezdy vs FareHarbor

As a tour operator or activity business, the right booking software is crucial in maintaining and growing your customer base.

Why choose Rezdy over FareHarbor?

In comparison to a booking software such as Fareharbor, Rezdy offers more choices when it comes to payment types, booking options and the administrative side of things. Put simply, the Rezdy Booking Software is designed to make life easier for you.

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Getting more online bookings

Our reservation system will ensure a seamless online experience for your customers, led by Rezdy’s live availability functionality to ensure you’re never overbooked and numbers are always up-to-date. This allows us to offer easy and unique booking options such as Facebook Booking Integration for businesses with over 2,000 page likes.

Your customers will also be able to Reserve with Google through Rezdy’s partnership with the search engine giant. There are some account and product requirements that need to be met – and our Customer Success team can help you out – but after that your pricing and availability can appear on Google Maps. This means that as travellers seek out tour and attraction experiences, they will be able to purchase directly from you through Google Search and Maps. This unique booking feature aims to create a better consumer experience plus greater conversion and booking volume.

Essentially, our efficient tour scheduling software is designed so you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Take your pick of gateways and payment options

Rezdy’s booking software supports the world’s top payment gateways. Whether it’s Paypal, a gateway that is more specific to your region, or even linking directly to your bank account – we’ve got you covered.

We also offer our own Rezdy Payment Gateway, which has been designed to help your business save on costs.

In addition to this, through our booking software, you’ll be able to offer your end consumers flexible payment options, which can make or break the final decision when it comes to booking a tour or activity. Other booking platforms such as FareHarbor require full payment up front for online bookings and doesn’t allow for deposits or multiple payments.

Boost your productivity

Admin is an inevitable part of any business but what if your booking software could cut that time down for you? You can with Rezdy. From fully configurable weekly sales reports tailored to what you want to see to our user-friendly interface and central dashboard displaying all that valuable data from our online reservation system in one place, it’s designed to make things as easy for you as possible.

Rezdy can also integrate with accounting software Xero and directly feed this information into other systems via API. In comparison, you’ll find that many booking platforms on the market are very guarded about giving clients access to their API or might just reserve it for their top tier customers.

A lot of our current customers appreciate this cut in administrative time so they can focus on growing their business instead.

Connect with online travel agents

Rezdy Booking Platform users have full access to our unique Marketplace.

This is Rezdy’s real-time market platform where you can connect with the world’s most comprehensive agent database. This includes players from GetYourGuide and Expedia through to local information centers and hotel concierges

Use it to put your business in front of the people that matter and increase your chances of being chosen for a tour or activity.

These are just a few of the easily configurable features that Rezdy’s Booking System offers. See how Rezdy can work for your business with our free trial today - you won’t regret it.

See and hear for yourself about how much people have enjoyed the Rezdy Booking Software.

They have allowed me to open up my revenue stream; allowing me to have access to third-party OTAs such as online Trip Advisor, Expedia and Viator. It is so easy to use and allows me to have more time with my guests. McKeel Robins, Beverly Hills Wine Tours

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