Rezdy vs Checkfront Online Booking Software Comparison

With so many booking software options on the market, it can be hard to find one that fits your business and its specific needs. However, finding the right software will be key to growing your business.

Rezdy vs Checkfront: what are the differences?

If your main focus is on tour and activity bookings then Rezdy is already ahead of the pack because that’s what our sole focus is. Plus we also make sure that your mobile and admin experience is as easy as possible too. And we’ll always put you first.

We’re all about tour bookings

One of the biggest differences between Rezdy and Checkfront is that we’re completely focused on tour and activity bookings. We’re of the mindset that when you do something, you should do it well – so our booking software is tailored to make sure that tour and activity bookings are at the forefront.


Checkfront does accommodate tour bookings but they’re also trying to cover accommodation, rentals and other bookings as well so they’re not as focused on making sure that the booking system experience is as seamless as possible for tour operators and activity providers. This is where crucial innovations and features can slip through the cracks.


Our focus on tours and activities means that our team is completely trained in this area and can answer any questions you might have. Not to mention that all our resources in our extensive help center are designed to educate you in this area.

Reports are your friends

While we’re sure that no one would name administrative work as their favourite part of owning a business, we don’t think you have to dread it either. That’s why at Rezdy, we want to make sure that the processes of reporting and behind the scenes admin tasks are as streamlined as possible. They’re key to running a business, after all.


According to Capterra, Checkfront users are dissatisfied with their lack of reporting functionalities including having to manually calculate monthly and years sales total. Flowing on from this are also problems with the integration of payment gateways with the booking software that don’t translate into final reports.


Rezdy’s booking software on the other hand has an easy to use central dashboard where you can see all those important figures in one spot. It’s also completely configurable so you can pick and choose the information you want to see in your reports, and you can also choose how often you want the reports generated as well. This easy process and cut down on admin time is a big part of our customer success stories and why our clients choose to stay with Rezdy.

The best way to see how Rezdy can change your life is to start a 21-day free trial to see how our booking software - both front and back ends - can work for your business.

Bookings on the go and around the clock

At Rezdy, we’re continually innovating and trying to make the booking platform the best it can be. A part of this process is making sure that you’re able field bookings 24/7 and that you can access your bookings on the go as well.


If you’re fielding the bookings but also going out to meet the customers, this means being able to get to your manifests and customer list. So this is what our Booking App is for. And while we encourage a good work life balance, we know that sometimes you want to be able to look at the day’s booking when you’re at home. Through the app, you’ll be able to access it at anytime, even as they’re coming through on your customized booking form.


Checkfront also have an app but there are a lot of reviews that have mentioned how it isn’t user-friendly at all. Clients are unable to check their booking documents or update reservations on the go – they have to switch onto a web version and then switch back to the app to keep checking customers in. We don’t really see the point in that because an app is meant to help make the process easier.

Every customer is equal

Yes, we have different plans but it’s because we understand that each business is unique and are at different stages of growth. Some might only need the Foundation stage of our pricing plans, while others might be going straight onto Expansion. Whatever it is you need, we’re not going to limit you on user accounts or support just because you can’t pay more.


While it is common among other booking platforms to put a limit on users depending on the plan – Rezdy doesn’t (and won’t ever) limit the accounts you can have and the support you receive. On the other hand, Checkfront limits users to 2, 5 or 10 staff accounts dependent on the plan they choose. They also only offer email or chat support to their two smaller plans and limit priority or phone support to their most expensive plans.


At Rezdy, we’d never stop you from picking up the phone to give our customer success team a call. Sometimes you just need a real person at the other end to answer any questions or troubleshoot a problem. We get it. Plus you can have as many users as you want on any of our plans because sometimes it takes a small army to run a business.

We have our own payment gateway!

If you’re already an established tour operator or activity provider that has a good thing going on with your chosen payment gateway, we understand that it might not sway your decision. But for those just starting out or those looking for a change, the Rezdy Payment Gateway powered by Stripe is an easy option. It means you don’t have to search for a gateway solution as well as an online booking software, PLUS it has extremely competitive rates and is built to work seamlessly with the Rezdy booking software.


Apart from our own gateway, we also understand that a part of offering online bookings on your website is the ability to actually accept payments and make sure it’s all recorded. Unfortunately, some Checkfront users are reporting a disconnect between their chosen payment gateway and the booking software, meaning that the payment isn’t being registered. Users then have to go into the backend and register the payment manually. Despite multiple reports, they seem to have been unable to fix the problem as yet.


Rezdy also offers integration with a wide range of payment gateways, and there haven’t been any complaints yet as we continually work to make everything as easy and seamless as possible for you.

At the end of the day, the best way to see whether Rezdy is the best booking software for your business is to put it to the test. Sign up for our 21 day free trial and see how Rezdy can work for you.