Rezdy vs Bokun Booking Software Comparison

The right booking software will make life easier both for you and your customers so it’s important to pick the right one.

Why choose Rezdy over Bokun?

With Rezdy’s booking software, you’ll have access to more critical features than Bokun can provide. From better access to your API through to top notch (and timely) customer support, Rezdy have you covered.

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Next level (and 24/7) customer support

Firstly, we’re here to support and communicate with you through every step of the process. From installing the Rezdy Booking Software to solving any problems you might have, or even listening to innovative ideas you have to help better your experience with our online booking system – we’re happy to hear from you.

Unlike many of our competitors, including Bokun, you’ll be able to get your question answered almost straight away using our various communication channels. We have a very comprehensive help center – which includes all the how-to videos and webinars as well as in-depth set up guides and complicated FAQs. Or simply reply to our Rezdy chatbot, which is at the bottom of this page and can guide you to the right content sections or teams to suit your needs. You can also give our friendly customer success team a call, request a callback, shoot through an email or even leave a message on Facebook Messenger; they will endeavour to help solve and problems or queries as quickly as possible.

Rezdy support is free and unlimited once you come on board, but if your business needs a little extra help, we’ve also got our training centre. Unlike our competitors, we understand that how-to guides or videos alone aren’t enough.

As a bigger and more experienced team than some smaller booking software companies, we can offer one-on-one consultations with a member of our knowledgeable staff who will thoroughly review your business and give you personalised recommendations. They can demonstrate how to manage bookings and will provide ongoing personalised support so you can learn industry best practices and really master the Rezdy Booking Software. All you need to do is book a time that is convenient for you – and we have a lot of them as well because we have bases in both hemispheres.

Functional, easy to use software

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again – the Rezdy booking software is here to make your life easy. The first step is ensuring that our core product – the booking system – is functional and easy to use. It sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised how many other scheduling softwares let small things such as user experience slip through the cracks.

Right from the get go, we want to make the set up and integration of our booking software as easy as possible. It can take as little as 30 minutes to install Rezdy on your website, and a total of 7 steps to have the booking system up and going.  You can start taking online payments straight away!

Once you’ve set it up, we’re pretty happy with how our central dashboard works and how easy it is for our clients to use. It’s designed show you all that important data in one place – it’s all about easy access and saving you time! It’s also fully equipped with a calendar overview where you can see all your bookings in one place. Considering that your main business is ensuring that your tours and activities go off without a hitch, it’s pretty important to be able to see your bookings in one place.

On the other hand, Bokun users are reporting a harder to use interface and back end through Capterra reviews – a leading online resource for business software buyers. They also have to rely on third-party calendars if the client want one, which requires further technical support to integrate it.

To us, functional and easy to use software also means that when your customers book, they can enjoy a seamless digital experience. From navigating through the booking page right through to entering their credit card details into our secure payment gateways – it’s just designed to be easy.

We weren’t awarded Best Ease of Use for Tour and Activity Booking Software by Capterra for nothing.

Independent results

With so many online reviews and options to choose from, your end customers will be more savvy than they have ever been before. This is why independent reviews are important for your tours. Put it this way, would you believe in an advertisement – or in this case a tour or activity – that has been sponsored to appear at the top of the list? We’d rather look at genuine customer experiences and ratings, and Rezdy wants your customers to completely trust you and your tour.

Even though Bokun is owned by TripAdvisor, you won’t miss out with Rezdy. We offer TripAdvisor Review Express plus connections to TripAdvisor Experiences and features like the ‘Book a Tour’ button (both powered by Viator) for your bookings. Being independent, we have the largest agent connections in the market that include Reserve with Google, Get Your Guide, Expedia, KLOOK and so many more – all designed to grow your booking potential.

It’s an important fact to us, and it should be to you, that Rezdy remains a completely independent company that is 100 percent focused on helping tour operators and activity providers build their business and provide the best booking system they can for their end consumers.

As a company, our main goal is to improve our product so you can trust us and in turn, your own customer can trust you.

We’ll always keep you in the loop

Like we mentioned earlier, we always want to make our product better. On our quest to fix any bugs that come up or implement new features, we promise that we’ll always keep you in the loop to ensure your business keeps running smoothly.

For example, Rezdy has an open API system to allow suppliers and agents to easily integrate internal systems and web applications with our booking software. So if we make any changes, we always make sure that this isn’t affected. Other scheduling software companies will often make changes to their API system without warning – or won’t even give access to their APIs – so tour operators and activity providers are left in the lurch when their programs can’t function properly.

We promise to notify you when we make any changes and improvements, and you can always check out our regular upgrades and new features on the product news and updates page too.

These are just a few great features that the Rezdy Booking Software offers. Let us show you how we can work for your business with our free trial today

We have a lot of customer success stories and here are what some of them have to say about our software and how we’ve improved their business.

Wineglass Bay Cruises

Wineglass Bay Cruises needed a robust booking software that could adapt to their bespoke tour operating business. After implementing Rezdy, they say that one of the best things about it is that they’ve saved a lot of time on training staff because of how user-friendly and intuitive the software is. The team also sing praises about the comprehensive training resources they can access themselves on the website. Even when they’ve needed some help, customer support has always been available promptly to answer any questions and provide support.


Mark and Jackie from EscapeXperience needed an online booking system to handle and grow their business, and found that Rezdy was the best option after extensive research and assessment of other booking softwares. They wanted a system that wouldn’t intimidate people. From their back end, Rezdy’s scheduling software is easy to use and manage their growing amount of bookings, and from the customer front, Rezdy makes it simple for their target audience to stay on the website and go through an easy transaction process.

A word from a happy Rezdy customer

Customers choose us over our competitors because their experience with us is effortless. They do everything themselves. If they do have any questions, they are answered automatically and this helps running of the business immensely. Sean Ray, Flyboard Las Vegas

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