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Your best marketing results with less time and effort, thanks to TOMIS integration with booking software from Rezdy

Heard the news? You’re about to claw back a few extra hours in the day. And generate more business. How? Rezdy has integrated TOMIS (Tour Operator Marketing Intelligence Software) into your profile to enable digital marketing software with real agency assist backup that will see your sales funnel work its socks off.


The TOMIS integration with Rezdy seamlessly aggregates all your marketing and sales data into one place. From there and, without any manual input, TOMIS uses machine learning to analyse the best times to market your tours across platforms such as Facebook, Google and the web.

But that’s not all…. How does campaign recommendations, custom-built AI Chatbots and health monitoring for your website sound?

Your marketing and sales one-stop-shop has everything you need to grow your business

Automated review generation

Text message marketing automation

In-depth marketing insights

Personalized marketing recommendations

Keyword rank tracking

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Add TOMIS and enjoy the benefits of digital marketing in one place…

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Turbo-boost your marketing capabilities with these optional add-ons: Rezdy and TOMIS together create a sales, bookings and marketing powerhouse!

AI ChatBot

Technical website/SEO Audit

Historical booking, pricing & weather analysis

What will you do with your free time? Enjoy the benefits of TOMIS integration with booking software today.