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Easy access for your customers to share experiences, deliver memories and thrive, thanks to PicThrive integration with booking software from Rezdy

Our integration with PicThrive can help boost your photo & video sales after guests depart by leveraging your booking data! Extras and add-on products are important revenue drivers for healthy tourism operators. And, PicThrive’s seamless multi-media platform makes capturing those revenue opportunities from your customers easier.

PicThrive’s platform works with Rezdy to identify which guests didn’t purchase photos onsite and follows-up via targeted emails to drive online purchases and capture missed revenue.

This type of integration has achieved 35% higher conversion rates than an online store link in a standard follow up email.

Want to integrate your existing PicThrive account with your Rezdy profile? Click here. The benefits of PicThrive are clear:

Unlimited uploads

Free storage

Training, setup & 24/7 support

Automated marketing tools

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"PicThrive has been such an easy and efficient transition. We are able to get our guests on their way quickly, sell more photo packages than we used to and the service also allows us to follow up. I can highly recommend PicThrive and we plan to continue using it every day!"
Brandie Wooten, Operations Manager River Ventures & Safaris.

Looking for more reasons to connect with PicThrive? Ok, how about this...

Easy set up with no training

Analytics, stats and insights to help improve your business

Fully integrated into your booking software

Live the easy life? Enjoy the benefits of integrating PicThrive and Rezdy.