Rezdy for Rentals

Manage your tourism rental business

“I looked at a couple of online booking systems, but they didn’t focus on rentals – and when they did, they weren’t set up to handle our needs.”

— Backbone Adventures


Get your rentals to work harder Operate, market & distribute your rentals

Work your rentals at full capacity

Get online and agent bookings round the clock (24/7). Work at full capacity and grow your rental business to new heights.

Be the ultimate match maker

Ensure that your rentals match your customers from the time of booking. SMS and email your booking confirmations and follow-ups, so that your customers are never left wondering.

Never double book your rentals

Rest assured our sophisticated system helps ensure that you never double book. Your availability updates in real-time across all channels.

Get more agent bookings

Distribute to the world’s largest agent network. Large and small agents love Rezdy, with an insatiable desire to seek and sell new products. Simply join to get started.

I settled on Rezdy because it’s a bit more flexible than other systems out there, it’s easy to use, and it’s cost effective.

— Go Sea Kayak

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