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Where tour and activity operators network and trade with agents.

Grow your revenue by reaching a new worldwide audience Automate, manage and centralise your agent network

Discover, attract and meet new distribution partners

Save research time and get faster response from distribution partners. Reach out to new potential partners through their profiles. Send your rates or get in touch with the right person directly. Instant access to large and small distribution partners.

Attract agents by completing your business profile. Publish your products for anyone in Marketplace to book. You set commission rates, define availability and let anyone sell your experiences.

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Different sales channels, same customer experience

Wherever your customer book your products, you are in charge of the instant confirmation, the reminder emails and SMS. Provide the information your customers need to enjoy your experience. Whether they book through a hotel, online travel agency or visitor information center. All customers receive the same information before your tour starts.

Increase booking volume without increasing workload

Because the real-time availability is shared across all distribution channels, agents don’t have to call or process bookings manually. This will free up time for you and your agents. Now, agents are able to spend more time on marketing and promotion of your products.



Automatically update Availability

Security & ease

Managing a large number of distribution channels can be a challenge. With detailed sales reports and automated payments you can decrease your workload significantly.

Rezdy guarantees the commission payment without extra work for you. Keep track of commission payments in detailed sales reports.

What are Automated payments?

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