Sell tours at your front desk

Recommend tours and activities in [geot_state_name default=”your destination”]

Book in 2 clicks, under 10 seconds

Confirm instantly to your customer

Earn more commission

Look professional at your front desk

Because First Impressions Matter

Provide an elegant booking experience to your customers.

Bookings are made quickly and easily. Know all the details about the tours and activities in your area.

Make your customers or guests feel like they’ve been taken care of.

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24/7 bookings

With Rezdy Your Business Is Open 24/7

Make bookings in the after hours and get instant confirmation that can be printed for your customer or guest.

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Book from anywhere

Offer The Ultimate In Booking Convenience

Staff and concierges can book at the counter or in the street.

You can even allow your customers to book tours and activities themselves on a self service station.

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Manage your partner network

The Better Way To Build Your Partner Network

Network, trade and thrive with thousands of suppliers already in the marketplace, or invite your existing ones.

Get notified when a new supplier in your destination goes live.

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Clean Reporting

Clearly See Where Your Revenue Is Coming From

See your revenue grow in an extensive report overview.

Track commission payments by source, per order, per product and date.

Learn what products make you the most money.

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