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GYG Starter For businesses looking
to get bookings online

  • Online booking engine
  • Mobile app
  • Guest manifest
  • Flexible customer payments
  • Full access to Rezdy Marketplace

$29 per month + 3% booking fee
Direct & agent bookings

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Rezdy GetYourGuide

GYG Accelerate For businesses looking to
step up growth

  • Offer packages & extras
  • Promotional codes & gift cards
  • Wait lists & pick ups
  • Automated customer notifications
  • Full access to Rezdy Marketplace

$79 per month +2% booking fee
Direct & agent bookings

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Rezdy GetYourGuide Marketplace Plan

Marketplace For businesses looking to
distribute at scale

  • Unlimited agent connections
  • 12,000+ global & local resellers
  • Simple resource management
  • Central payment & reporting
  • Rezdy booking platform not required

$0 per month +3% booking fee
Agent bookings only

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Got questions? It's only natural

Booking softwareMarketplace

Booking Software

Do I need to download or install anything to get started?

No you don’t! Rezdy is an online, cloud-based solution, so you can access your account across devices, smartphones included, at any time. What’s more, you can rest assured knowing your data is automatically backed up and protected.

Can I get started straight away or do I have to wait to the end of my 21 day trial?

You can get started immediately if you like! You have a choice to activate your account at any time during your free 21 day trial, right from day 1. Throughout your trial you will be able to set up real products and sessions, and even take live bookings, so when you are ready to commit your account is already configured for action.

Will Rezdy booking software integrate into my existing website?

In a nutshell, yes! Rezdy’s software has been designed to integrate directly with your own website, in line with your own branding to give your customers a seamless experience. Suppliers on our GYG Starter Plan will also be able to apply their own branding on our pre-templated, one-click website.

What if I don’t have a website yet?

Once you purchase a domain, Rezdy offers a free one-click easy website to help you set you up a simple templated website in minutes.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

No credit card is required to start your trial. Naturally, if you are loving what you see, you will be able to purchase a plan and get started at any time. If you get to the end of your trial and decide Rezdy is not for you, then no hard feelings, your free trial will finish and there is nothing else for you to do.

What is an assisted product/session load?

Our Accelerate Plan includes assisted product loads to get you up and running faster. This means our friendly onboarding and training team will not just walk you through how to set your products up, but help you do the first few, so you can feel confident you are good to go.

Do I have to pay for product loading for each product beyond my assisted quota?

Absolutely not! Your ‘assisted quota’ is simply the number of products we will set up for you to get you started. After that, you will know exactly how to do it, and can add as many as you like with no additional charge.

Does the Starter Plan include assisted product loads?

Our Starter Plan is aimed at suppliers just getting started - hence the name! If you are thinking about this plan, chances are you don’t have many products yet. Instead, we’ve created an extensive collection of videos, written tutorials and guides to help you learn how to do the basics at your own pace.

Is there a limit on how many users/staff accounts I can have?

Nope - no limits. That’s right - nada! Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t charge you extra to give access to extra staff. That’s because the more of your team you have using your booking platform, the easier your life will be..

Do you offer payment processing?

We do! In Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US, you can enjoy great savings on transaction fees, without the need for third party accounts using Rezdy Pay. If you already have a preferred gateway provider, we will have you covered with one of our 23 payment gateway partners including Stripe, Paypal and Authorize.net.

I’m in Australia/New Zealand. Is pricing inclusive of GST?

Subscription price is exclusive of Goods & Service Tax (GST). However, booking fees are all inclusive.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can find details of our privacy policy, services agreement and terms of use here.


What is Rezdy Marketplace?

Rezdy is the world’s largest independent network of experience-based suppliers and operators on one side and global and local agents and resellers on the other. The Marketplace enables you to search, connect and negotiate with a wide range of resellers, from large Online Travel Agents (OTAs) such as GetYourGuide, Expedia and Viator, through to local travel agents, hotel concierges and beyond. Our Marketplace is used to both rapidly scale and centrally manage your distribution network and grow your business.

How does the Marketplace work?

The Rezdy Marketplace allows you to connect with Agents and Resellers from across the globe who can then buy products from you directly, or resell your products on their own website. It’s like having an extra global sales team!

How can I get connected to GetYourGuide?

Before you can connect with GetYourGuide through the Rezdy Marketplace, you will need to set up a GetYourGuide account. To set up an account please head over to GetYourGuide and register.

What if I only want to connect to GetYourGuide?

Go for it! You decide who you connect to - we don’t limit you. However, you will still require either a Rezdy Marketplace plan, or a Rezdy Booking Software plan (which includes Marketplace access).

How long will it take to get connected to GetYourGuide?

Getting connected can take up to 3 weeks as there are a number of steps required to map your products between Rezdy and GetYourGuide. But rest assured, we have your back throughout the process to make connecting as simple and seamless as possible.

Can I access Rezdy Marketplace with any booking software?

Yes! There are two ways you can access Rezdy Marketplace independently of Rezdy Booking Software: you can choose to access alongside your existing platform with a separate log in, or to link your booking system through Rezdy’s Connect API. Contact the Rezdy team to find out more.

How can I get connected to agents and resellers through Rezdy Marketplace?

Rezdy’s Marketplace makes it easy to find and connect with Agents and Resellers from across the globe, and we have made connecting to Rezdy Marketplace as simple as possible. First create your products, next update your Marketplace profile and add your rates for selling your products on the marketplace, and finally connect with those agents you want to work with via the Rezdy Marketplace. You can read more about setting up and configuring Rezdy Marketplace in our Learning Hub.

What kind of agents will I be able to connect to?

The Marketplace features agents of all sizes and all around the world - from large OTAs such as GetYourGuide through to local agents and hotel concierges and everything in between.

Can I act as an agent as well as a supplier?

Yes you can. With Rezdy Marketplace, you can search for other suppliers near you, and then connect to either resell their products at market rates (agreed commission rates) or negotiate your own agreed rates.

Does the Marketplace Plan include a Channel Manager?

The Marketplace Plan includes Channel Manager functionality. This means you will be able to manage all your distribution channels through a single platform - to update inventory, availability and pricing centrally, making your life a whole lot easier!