Create Waiting Lists

Intuitive Waiting List Capabilities

Allow customers to join a waiting list for a sold out session. Once the availability changes, you can notify the first customer on the list.

Show availability details

Show the number of seats available for each session to your customers and agents. All your sales channels will automatically show full sessions as “SOLD OUT”.  Now, people can join your waiting list for the sold out session.

Waiting lists enable you to solve last minute cancellations.

When one of your customer has to cancel.  You don’t have to worry, you have a list of interested people who you can call to replace the cancellation.


waiting list

Enable waiting lists for individual products.

When a customer tries to book a sold out product, they can opt in for a notification if a place becomes available.


Good news for the first on the list

Call the first person on your waiting list, you already have their details. You only need to tell them where they have to go at what time. All bookings from waiting lists will show as “ON HOLD”.  You decide when to request payments and update “ON HOLD”  bookings to fill the session if/when you want to.

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