TripAdvisor Review Express

Gather Customer Reviews In A Snap

Rezdy is an official review collection partner with TripAdvisor.

Encourage your customers to leave reviews on TripAdvisor, by sending automated review express emails. You can easily automate your TripAdvisor review request right after your tour or activity has finished.

What is Review Express

Review Express is a free, powerful email-based review collection platform that makes it easy for hotels to invite recent guests to submit valuable reviews on TripAdvisor. This automated solution – available through connectivity with Rezdy – makes review collection even more effortless.

When you opt in, guests automatically receive a customized, post-checkout from you requesting a review. TripAdvisor simply powers the system.

It’s Free and Easy to Use

Opting in is simple, automated services offer tour operators true “set it and forget it” capabilities. Any verified operator representative can use Review Express + Private Surveys.

It Helps Build Business

Studies show that traveler reviews make a real impact on travelers’ decision-making process. Review Express makes it easy to get the fresh reviews travelers want to see when they’re ready to book.

It’s Customizable

Review Express makes it easy to customize their review request email message or edit Private Survey questions.

Travelers across the globe count on TripAdvisor reviews to help them make booking decisions.

  • Getting more fresh reviews may enhance your Popularity Ranking — and increase your exposure to nearly 280 million monthly visitors who plan their stays on TripAdvisor.
  • Review Express is automated, effortless and in your control — you can even customize your message and language.
  • Track your performance on the Review Express Dashboard, and see which reviews were generated by this partnership.

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