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Empower your business through advanced sales reporting.

Slice and dice your data by customizing your sales report to your needs. Take advantage of your data to gain actionable insights on what you can do to improve your business.

Sales reports

Rezdy’s sales reports make it easy for you to slice and dice your data so you can see what works.

Customise a sales report by your Orders and your Products. You have a range filters that you can use to organise your reports. Arrange your data in graphs for a visual representation of your data. Easily export your data for further manipulation.

Commission reconciliation reports

Reconciling commission with your agents is made easy with Rezdy. There’s no room for disputes when it’s all there in black and white.

From your agents’ point of view, your commission is one of many other suppliers that they need to reconcile. They may have staff internally whose job it is to do this – spending up to 20 hours per week doing so!

Without Rezdy, it can be tough. That’s because your agent may say, “I sent you 5 bookings” but 2 of them cancelled. They then expect 5 payments and get only 3, coming back to you demanding more.

It’s a pain on both ends – your agents don’t want to deal with it, and neither do you. Automating the commission reconciliation process helps both sides save money because the numbers are more accurate, and staff can be more productive. Rezdy will only show you payments for reconciled, confirmed orders.

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