Get organised

Make Your Manifest Do More

Your manifest is the key to being totally organised and ready to run your tour or activity.

Ask your customers any question at the time of booking, and display it on your manifest for easy reference.

Check in customers as they arrive, and use it to calculate your no-show rate for that product.

Customise and have an in real-time updated manifest on multiple mobile devices.

Add custom fields to your manifest

Our booking software lets any field – including questions you ask your customers at the time of booking – can be shown on your manifest.

You may have different requirements of what’s necessary depending on your business, and it can become quite complex when you need to collect more information but you don’t have a proper manifest to store it in.

For example, if you’re in the maritime industry, it’s a legal requirement to ask for specific information for each guest included in a booking, so you can check each person in when they get on your boat.

Check in customers on tour

With a Rezdy manifest, your tour guide can easily check in your customers as they arrive.

The date and time of the check in will be recorded in the customer’s order, and you can even filter by customers who checked in when you view your sales report.

You can also use this feature to reduce no-shows on the day of your tour. Get your tour guide to check in customers remotely using a mobile device. Back at home base, call up all the people that have not checked in by the arrival time. Thanks to Rezdy this will be updated in real time.

Customise your manifest to suit whoever is using it

Empower staff with all the information they need on hand.

Set which fields you want to show on your manifest, and add or remove information based on your preference and need.

Here are some examples:

  • Your vehicle drivers can easily pick up your guests, because the manifest you give them includes their pickup time, hotel name, and room number.
  • Your office manager knows who to give equipment to because the manifest shows what equipment has been rented out for each customer for each booking.
  • Tour guides will know about your customers’ special requirements, such as if they have any food allergies.
  • Tour guides will know who has paid for the tour and who hasn’t.

You can easily print out your manifest directly from Rezdy’s interface.

Mobile friendly

You can easily print out the manifest, or you can download the manifest app in the App Store or Google Play.

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