Manage multiple businesses with one secure login

Business Franchise Management Has Never Been Easier

One Rezdy login to rule all of your business branches.

See separate accounting information, and manage various rates with agents or suppliers.

Grant different levels of access to your staff.

Overseeing your franchise has never been easier.

Rezdy is perfect for those of you who own multiple tour and activity businesses and franchises.

You can manage all of your businesses with one secure login.

You can give your staff the level of access they need to do their job – whether they’re booking managers, assistants, webmasters, or accountants.

  • Owner: has full access, including all company settings
  • Booking manager: can manage orders, inventory, create & update sessions in the calendar
  • Booking assistant: can create new orders and contacts
  • Staff: can view the calendar, manifest and order list
  • Webmaster: has access to Website Integration settings and plugins
  • Accountant: has access to reports and the order list

Each business’ data is kept separate and clean. This makes housekeeping and checking in on each franchise a breeze.

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